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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker - Check Google Cache In Easiest Way

Many websites owners are struggling to rank their sites every day spending a huge sum of money on Off and On page SEO without success. Could the problem be your cache server; it's time to use Google Cache Checker?

Finding a web page by the search engine is essential for your site's success. A slow site will lead to higher bounce rate; users are not patient to wait endlessly until your site loads. Remember, thousands of sites are competing with you. But your cache server could solve the problem of slow loading.

What is cache server?

cache server is a critical service that saves web pages locally. It does this by storing search information about a site in temporary storage for faster loading the next time a similar search is conducted. Its job is just like a proxy server to give you what you want faster and matches incoming messages with outgoing requests in Google Cache.

What is Google Cache?

A Google Cache is a back up of a webpage stored by Google crawler. When a web user searches for information, it is this back up version that the search engine mirrors to quickly determine if the searched content matches the content on your site. Therefore, the chances your site will come up will depend if Google cache has the information in its memory, about your site. If Google has the data on your site in its cache server, your site will be listed, and the user can then click on the cache server information to go to your site.

Why does Google do this?

Google speed to look for and present information is faster than the rate web pages can provide; that is why Google finds it expedient to use the cache server to serve the waiting, impatient searchers.

How can you know if your web pages are serving cached pages?

The information people get from Google in searches come from web pages that serve Google Cache during searches, if your website is not serving it, then your chances of being found is near nonexistent. So, how do you know if your web pages are serving Google cache server? The best way is to use the Google Cache Checker.

What is a Google Cache Checker?

Google Cache Checker is a tool helping to figure out if your web page is serving cached pages. It is an important tool every website owner needs to solve their optimization problem. No matter how optimized your site and its content are, unless your site cache server is performing well, your efforts to make the top position in searches will not be compensated.

How to use Google Cache Checker

To check your pages cache serving status, go to Google Cache Checker on DS SEO Tools, it’s a free service to check your website's page serving situation; the following steps will help:

  • Add your page (up to 20) URLs in separate lines
  • Type in the “Image Verification” code
  • Click submit for the cache checker to check your web pages
  • Wait a few seconds for Cache Checker to send the report. The report will tell either “Cached” or not “Cached” depending on the status of your web page cache server.

With Google Cache Checker report at your disposal, you now have your next assignment regarding your site’s performance. Remember, the ailment you know is a problem solved!

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